Month: July 2014

Amelia’s Tale Update

Well, now. This was an interesting little scene. Perhaps I should say, three mini-scenes. In order to show a quick procession of events through Amelia’s eyes, I kept the mini-scenes short. Still, by Chapter 6, its time for John and

Silly rabbit, power writing is for kids! Chapter 4, 5, and a first scene of 6.

Ok. Probably over did it this week, but I was on a roll. Chapters 4, 5, and the first scene of Chapter 6 for Amelia’s Tale is ready for your viewing. Just click here! Also, per request, I removed links

Never Give Up….Unedited Chapter 3 of Amelia’s Tale Finished

Well, I went on a bit of a writing spree and finished Chapter 3 of the Amelia story.  My bad, but click here if you want to read it. As warned, I am not editing this free-writing project. I know