Month: September 2015

What A Strong Woman Protagonist Is And Isn’t – A Featured Author Post by Beth Hammond

Give me a strong woman protagonist, one that doesn’t sit around lamenting about the tragedies that befall her. Can she be sad once in a while, frustrated, weak? Yes, but please don’t take me on a journey with a woman

It’s Freakin Magic!

In a very whimsical moment after reading a few email questions, I posted a picture on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. This picture (a gif from was of a “magician” that had the word “Magic” on it. (see

Times Flies When You’re Writing – Book Update

Hi All! So, an update is not only in order but also an apology. From the time of clicking the submit button for “Touch of Life” to yesterday’s writing of the last scene of book five, my writing life is