Month: April 2016

The Other Side of the Coin – A Case for Triss Merigold

A few days ago, my phone vibrated in my pocket signaling I had received an email, Facebook update or a Twitter message. Pulling the phone out of my pocket and viewing the message under the table (as I was in

Tethered Lives – Update – Chapters 4,5&6

A bit late due to a lapse in health, but the next three chapters of ‘Tethered Lives’ is now available to read. Click here to go to the page. Hope you enjoy the story so far! Bless and Keep, Eric

Orphan’s Blade – Update

Hi All! I have just added the next two chapters (Hepstone and The Odd Job) to the Orphan’s Blade story. Click here to read. (Sorry for delay. Have a lovely cold.) In these two new chapters, I needed to give you

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Tethered Lives Update

Hello! Well, as promised, the first release of a new free-to-read book is now available. ‘Tethered Lives’ is just one example where I had a scene in my head and it just grew before my eyes. Setting the story along the

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Whew. Nothing like building a new site.

You know, as a programmer, it’s not the easiest thing to get excited about the actual building of a new website. Still, to have the opportunity to move with the times and make something new always has enough appeal to