About the Author


Born in Kansas but raised in northeastern Iowa, Eric E. McClure lived among sprawling farmlands, limestone outcroppings, and large wooded areas, much of which affected the scenic descriptions found in his writing. Growing up in a small town with a supportive family, he read many fiction books that lent a helping hand to his active imagination and his enjoyment of literature.

In terms of fantasy fiction, Eric was approached in the fall of 2012 to submit a short story to a contest for free publication. After placing fifth, he continued to allow the story to grow in his mind and quickly began what would later become his first book, Touch of Life. Unable to find a proper ending to the story, Eric continued writing about the characters he had introduced and quickly found himself writing the trilogy, A Healer’s Tale. This desire of storytelling did not end with the trilogy. Exploring the combining of romance and fantasy, Promised was published in the following year and plans were created to add other titles under the ‘Elder Valley Romance’ marquee.

Mr. McClure is an avid hobbyist writer, table-top and pc/console gamer, game tester, and amateur cartographer. When not working as a software developer, he can often be found at a coffee shop or on writing forums encouraging others to write. He enjoys sharing his experiences about writing in speaking engagements where he focuses on the theme of self-esteem and the idea “Only You Can Write Your Story”. Mr. McClure lives with his wife and children in Norwalk, Iowa, and attends the United Methodist Church.

Eric is the recipient of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Northwest Missouri State University as well as a Bachelor of Science in MIS from Iowa State University.