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Silly rabbit, power writing is for kids! Chapter 4, 5, and a first scene of 6.

Ok. Probably over did it this week, but I was on a roll. Chapters 4, 5, and the first scene of Chapter 6 for Amelia’s Tale is ready for your viewing. Just click here! Also, per request, I removed links

Happy Father’s Day! Add another scene for the BBQ!

What a blessing this day has been!  I’ve gotten to hang out with family and feed my belly with all sorts of tasty treats. And, with a bit of hiding, I’ve finished the third scene of Chapter 2. So to

New scene for the Amelia story

So what would it be like to be John at this point in the story and how to make it less than an average cut-scene out of a life? Spin it. John, at this point, has traveled through a cave

Writting away on Free-writing project. Chapter 2: Scene 1

In place of my Sunday Blogging, I wrote up the next scene in my Free-writing story. Today’s goal was about adding another character to the story that would inevitably run into our main character (MC), Amelia. As stated before, I

Chapter 1: Scene 3 is now available!

Wow! This story is rolling right along and here’s the latest scene. As I stated before, I’m not certain of what this is. I notice it has a bit of a Victorian feel as I continue on. Discovery is so

New Story – Free Writing “Amelia’s Tale”

One of the many uncomfortable feelings that arise in writing is imperfection. While everyone knows, or should, none of us is perfect, we still strive for it. Still, what if this desire to be perfect in our writing KEEPS us