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Endfield – World Building – Clouds Part Three

Hi All! Ah! More fluffy clouds to develop as I further define this new world to write within. Before jumping in with the next subject, I need to take a moment to share a question I was asked. The person

Impatient Writing Cow Says.

There is an epidemic that has struck millions (possibly even a handful) of writers in this little globe we call Earth. This terrifying disease has crept its way along the history of writing since before SNL was good again and

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Orphan’s Blade Complete

Hard to believe, but Orphan’s Blade is complete. Here’s the link: I was shooting for 50k and came in just over 47,000 words. Note too shabby for discovery writing. From the email I’ve received, I agree that this was

Orphan’s Blade Update: Found and Lost

Hello All! Obviously behind on updating Orphan’s Blade, BUT I have added to it today. In this segment, I fought this terrible need to kill off this poor sap of a main character and follow what I imagined how things

Orphan’s Blade Update: Two Priests and Awaken

What does one do to a doom and gloom character? The easiest way to progress would to give them more trouble in hopes that they “snap out of it”. I have high hopes for Nithan to do just that, still,

Orphan’s Blade Update: Three more tales.

  I have released three more memories from Nithan Hall (read here) and writing them was quite the experience! Due to the nature of the collection, I find my mind wandering as much as he recounts times and troubles in

The Other Side of the Coin – A Case for Triss Merigold

A few days ago, my phone vibrated in my pocket signaling I had received an email, Facebook update or a Twitter message. Pulling the phone out of my pocket and viewing the message under the table (as I was in

Whew. Nothing like building a new site.

You know, as a programmer, it’s not the easiest thing to get excited about the actual building of a new website. Still, to have the opportunity to move with the times and make something new always has enough appeal to

Welcome! Sorry for the mess.

Someone needs to clean up this mess. 🙂 In an effort to support changes that I would like to make, we have changed our hosting site and are attempting to set things in order. The blog posts will need to

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