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Endfield – World Building – Clouds Part Two

Endfield – World Building – Clouds Part Two   Having begun to add to my backdrop with a major catastrophe, “The Rendering”, I think it’s only natural for me, the author, to freak out a bit. Something that major would

Endfield – World Building – Clouds Part One

Endfield – World Building – Clouds Part One   Before jumping in with a continuation of propping up your world building, I just want to say how thankful I am for email and support I’ve been given. I’m happy you

Backdrops – Tinting the Canvas

Backdrops: Tinting the Canvas   Back in the day, I enjoyed watching Boss Ross paint wonderful scenes on his tv series ‘The Joy of Painting.’ With his loving attitude toward nature and the desire to show others what can be

Everything New is Old Again: Part One

I believe that it is a healthy thing for a writer to stretch. I’ve done things here and there, but not to anything of the nature I think I need to do. But what to do to stretch? And how

Should I write? An email response

Mr. McClure, I really enjoy your stories and am usually surprised by your candor when you share your opinions. I think that’s why I’m writing you. I am (age withheld) and a mother of three. My youngest will start school

No, writing is NOT hard.

*Warning: No editing has occurred for this post. 😉 What is a writer to do when he or she hears the statement ‘writing is hard’? Well, if you are me, you take a deep breath and do one of two

Can a town be a major character?

Having had the privilege of “creating worlds” several times over again, there has been an elusive desire this last year and a half to attempt taking a pinch of what I’ve learned in making new places and creating a town

Pantsing + Prolific Writing = “I need a Magic Eight Ball”

Ok, its really is no secret. I do not map or contemplate plot previous to writing. Heck, I write blog posts in the same way. Called “pantsing”, among other less than complimentary descriptions, one simply writes what comes to mind,

What A Strong Woman Protagonist Is And Isn’t – A Featured Author Post by Beth Hammond

Give me a strong woman protagonist, one that doesn’t sit around lamenting about the tragedies that befall her. Can she be sad once in a while, frustrated, weak? Yes, but please don’t take me on a journey with a woman

It’s Freakin Magic!

In a very whimsical moment after reading a few email questions, I posted a picture on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. This picture (a gif from was of a “magician” that had the word “Magic” on it. (see