Orphan’s Blade Complete

Hard to believe, but Orphan’s Blade is complete. Here’s the link: http://ericemcclure.com/free-stories/orphans-blade/

I was shooting for 50k and came in just over 47,000 words. Note too shabby for discovery writing.

From the email I’ve received, I agree that this was a change in my normal style but I’m glad so many are enjoying it. This effort to feel out first-person has been a heck of a learning curve. Though I’m certain I have not proved to be good at it, I think I come away with many lessons learned.

I owe you a big “Thank you” for allowing me to try something new in full view of readers. It was a learning experience and I appreciate your patience and support.

Now, I’m off to work on “Winter’s Song”. Wish me luck!

Bless and Keep,

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