Orphan’s Blade – Update

Hi All!

I have just added the next two chapters (Hepstone and The Odd Job) to the Orphan’s Blade story. Click here to read. (Sorry for delay. Have a lovely cold.)

In these two new chapters, I needed to give you an understanding of what Nithan Hall’s life was like after “the curse” of the first chapter. Since this is to be read like a journal entry dictated to a friend, I hope that the character solidifies in your mind as I attempt to randomly grab a scene and, true to my way of writing, write what I ‘see and hear’ in my own mind. I hope that the chapters are not so random that it becomes distracting and less interesting. With the understanding that Nithan is grasping at memories that are dimming in his mind, I will do my best to find threads that link them either in a time period or subject without missing a feeling of hurried tales told by a dying man. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

That being said, I intend to release two or three chapters of Tethered Lives tomorrow night.

Drop me a comment or an email to let me know what you think. I’m always curious.

Hope you are enjoying the stories!


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