Orphan’s Blade Update: Three more tales.


I have released three more memories from Nithan Hall (read here) and writing them was quite the experience! Due to the nature of the collection, I find my mind wandering as much as he recounts times and troubles in his life. Occasionally, they are rather bleak or without much in the way of honor, but that is the character. I hope that I can stay true to his way, though he is not my typical main charater.

My thoughts are that I should give random glimpses of his life, but set them in some type of order as not to lose the reader. This is becoming more difficult as I go given how time, as Nithan experiences it, is not the typical Sunday through Saturday or even month by month life we have. Because of this, I am trying to set each memory on a timeline that we can relate to in hopes that the story is easier to follow. Though I originally intended to mark each chapter with a date in the story and bounce around, I think it would simply be too confusing.

I will need to keep this story on the novella side of word count simply due to time, but I do hope the tales are entertaining and, in the end, create a well-rounded read.

With that, I leave you to it. Drop me a message using the ‘Contact’ page or post thoughts on this blog. Always a joy to read reactions.

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