Orphan’s Blade Update: Two Priests and Awaken

What does one do to a doom and gloom character? The easiest way to progress would to give them more trouble in hopes that they “snap out of it”. I have high hopes for Nithan to do just that, still, he’s not quite there.

In these next two chapters (read here), I wanted to further the story by using the characters around him. It seems plausible enough as we often reevaluate our circumstances when hearing┬áthe opinions of others. Having ripped Nithan from the life he once knew and thrown him into a very chaotic life, that isn’t as easy as it might sound. After all, who could he count as a friend? So, in my own way, I needed to have someone reflect his “life sucks” attitude back to him in a new light. To do this, I will need to put people in his life that he would actually listen to. You will have to judge if that was done well enough.

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