Orphan’s Blade Update: Two Priests and Awaken

What does one do to a doom and gloom character? The easiest way to progress would to give them more trouble in hopes that they “snap out of it”. I have high hopes for Nithan to do just that, still, he’s not quite there.

In these next two chapters (read here), I wanted to further the story by using the characters around him. It seems plausible enough as we often reevaluate our circumstances when hearing the opinions of others. Having ripped Nithan from the life he once knew and thrown him into a very chaotic life, that isn’t as easy as it might sound. After all, who could he count as a friend? So, in my own way, I needed to have someone reflect his “life sucks” attitude back to him in a new light. To do this, I will need to put people in his life that he would actually listen to. You will have to judge if that was done well enough.

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