Tethered Lives Complete


Several years ago, I started typing a backstory to some characters I had created for a game. That was the beginning of the “Healer’s Tale Trilogy”. What an amazing ride it has been since hitting the submit button for the first time.

Today, I live out another dream; writing a full-length novel and making it free to read. That’s right. “Tethered Lives” is now available in its entirety.

I can’t describe how much fun it has been to release a story as I write (minus the nerves, of course). Though there are bound to be typos, I hope that is somewhat understandable and hasn’t cause too many disappointed readers. Still, one must take a step to go see what is what behind the hill.

In the next few weeks, I’ll find or create a cover image (always a tricky thing) and look into binding it all up into a downloadable e-book.

Let me also thank you for all the email. They have been so encouraging and I am grateful.

So, there we have it. The first, but not the last of free stories for people to read on computer, tablet, or phone. Just click here to go straight to the story or use the tabs above.

Bless and Keep,


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